Planning for next songs.

2017-06-24 12:54:49 by GDElenix

I'm trying to make songs with theme nature. I decided a few names of songs, like 'Papership' or 'Under the Dragon's fall'... I have to compose but making electronic instruments is too hard for me.


I wanna include a few songs in my project nature. Like 'At the Fantasy', my first 'natural dance' song, or 'Field' ,'Bless of Rain', 'Neverland', and more songs I'm gonna make. I'm still using demo version of FL and not mastered with mixing, but hope the next song is much better than others. Thanks for reading.

-Field- is now released!

2017-03-01 19:21:04 by GDElenix

My probably best work yet!

I think it turned out very good. :D Thanks for listening!

(It's also in my youtube)5735725_148841397983__downloadfiles_wallpapers_1920_1080_green_grass_field_.jpg

Hello Guys!

2016-10-03 22:15:48 by GDElenix

Time passes really fast! Almost 3 moths after I've got scouted..,, Thanks, Manu-Mind.

First post I've ever wrote.. Anyway My 'Geometry Dash' work is in progress, Just wait :D
I wanna buy FL studio ;^;


Musician : Waterflame
Anime : I don't do that ;;;
Character : Read Description Carefully
Games : Geometry Dash, and there's a secret...shhh


*Think you guys hate me because I like boy characters.