-Field- is now released!

2017-03-01 19:21:04 by GDElenix


My probably best work yet!

I think it turned out very good. :D Thanks for listening!

(It's also in my youtube)5735725_148841397983__downloadfiles_wallpapers_1920_1080_green_grass_field_.jpg

Hello Guys!

2016-10-03 22:15:48 by GDElenix

Time passes really fast! Almost 3 moths after I've got scouted..,, Thanks, Manu-Mind.

First post I've ever wrote.. Anyway My 'Geometry Dash' work is in progress, Just wait :D
I wanna buy FL studio ;^;


Musician : Waterflame
Anime : I don't do that ;;;
Character : Read Description Carefully
Games : Geometry Dash, and there's a secret...shhh


*Think you guys hate me because I like boy characters.